iDataBased: 7 Forms of Respect Assessment
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How can we achieve automated results configuration and more intuitive results so this tool can reach more users?

What is the 7 Forms of Respect Tool?

The 7 Forms of Respect assessment tool helps people build respectful relationships in the workplace. Initially, the tool existed as a Microsoft Form. A staff member used a generator to create a PDF results page that must be manually emailed to the assessment taker.


Project Scope

The project scope included creating a quiz interface that was scopeable and intuitive, a more functional test result PDF page, integrated ecommerce, and simplified data processes. With this, the entire workflow of the 7 Forms of Respect assessment is more automated and regulated which leaves less work for the Product Manager and a higher quality experience for the tool user.


Team Members

Kaamna Rishi

Project Manager

Skyler Yesiltepe

UX Designer / Researcher

Bryan Phan

Full Stack Developer

Ghislain Bugingo

Full Stack Developer


Learn About Your 7 Forms of Respect

If you would like to learn about how you prefer to give respect in a workplace environment, you can take the free 7 Forms of Respect quiz (21 questions) below!

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